Planet 103

We Love Science!

September 5, 2013
We Love Science!

The kids are really enjoying science!  During the first two weeks of school they learned about what scientists do.  We discussed how scientists make observations, ask lots of questions and make a hypothesis.  We completed our first class experiment.  The children helped me compile a list of materials and steps of the experiment.  Finally, we completed the experiment and recorded the results in our journals. We discovered that Mentos candies make diet coke squirt quite high in the air. Thank you Mrs. Diaz for joining us!


Our Classroom Library

August 5, 2013
Our Classroom Library
This is my favorite part of our classroom.  There are many different kinds of books for the children to enjoy.  I have a mixture of fiction and nonfiction.  The books are organized by category and are placed in different bins.  Throughout the year the books are changed to fit the themes we are working on and the reading levels of the children.  We also have two chairs, a bean bag and a soft carpet to make the library more comfortable and inviting. Happy reading!...
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Welcome to Miss Mooney's Class

July 16, 2013

About Me
My name is Heather Mooney.  I have been teaching kindergarten at Deltona Lakes since August 2005.   Your child will enjoy many hands on activities in all areas.  Writing and science are my favorite subjects, and many of our reading activities will integrate these subjects.

Deltona has been my home town for over 20 years.  My parents also live in Deltona .  They both enjoy helping our class in various ways.  My sister lives in Orlando.  I have two cats Max and Ruby.  They love playing...

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